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Music and Art Programs

In addition to the academic programs, we offer a wide array of extracurricular programs to explore our students' potential and creativity.

Our students actively participate in nation-wide competitions and have taken home top titles. Not only will these programs help the students become a well-rounded person, but will also strengthen the students‘ application to selective private schools and universities.



Art and Design

​Drawing and painting classes are small group classes instructed by professional art teachers. 3-D Design classes are one-on-one, private class​.

  • Basic Drawing

  • Basic Painting

  • Intermediate / Advanced Drawing & Painting

  • 3-D Design Class

  • Advanced Chess

  • 基础绘画

  • 基础油画

  • 高级绘画及油画

  • 3D 动漫设计

  • 国际象棋

Music Programs

All Music Programs are one-on-one private classes instructed by professional musicians with years experience in teaching.

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Flute

  • Violin

  • Voice

  • Music Theory & History

  • 钢琴

  • 吉他

  • 长笛

  • 小提琴

  • ​声乐

  • ​音乐理论与历史

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